Vera is a 4th Generation Celestial Warrior. She represents Virgo, and was born September 21st. She is like a big sister to Nidawi . At time of her arrival to Domus Duodecim, she is 21.


Vera is very kind hearted and giving, using her inheritance to give others food and clothing when they are of need. She is very good with money, so she is constantly building on her inheritance. She is easily meticulous, and very intelligent, due to the advanced schooling when she was young. She is very reliable, and enjoys being looked up to by her friends. She is also very modest, and doesn't like telling people about her advanced schooling or money, for she is afraid she will be treated differently. On the flip side, Vera can be overcritical and fussy, especially when it comes to her own work. She sometimes sees flaws where there are not, and is very judgmental of herself, and sometimes of others. She can be difficult to impress, according to her high standards that she was taught to have when she was younger.

Her temperment is Phlegmatic.


Vera has a simple, yet elegant look and dress style. She often has her mid back length blonde hair in a ponytail or pinned away from her face. She has a heart shaped face, wide eyes and a slightly crooked nose. She is tall, around 5'8 and has an average build.