Thomas, who prefers being called by his last name, is a 4th Generation Celestial Warrior. He represents Taurus and was born April 25th. He and Chance are like brothers. At the time of his arrival to Domus Duodecim, he was 16. At the start of the story he is 20 years old.


Ford is a very generous and helpful person. Before he was summoned to Duo Decim, he worked as a mechanic and donated much of his paycheck to various homeless people around his city. He is down to earth, never letting success get to his head, and he is persistent, always striving to become better than he was before. On the flip side, he is often bullheaded in his endeavors, insisting on doing it his way, even if it not the most efficient or consistent with the group. When he is working on a new goal, he tends to become ignorant to the emotions of those around him.

He is described as having a choleric temperment.


Ford is tall, about 6'2, and is easily recognizable by his pale pink hair. No one is sure why his hair is naturally pale pink, he was born that way and is unable to get rid of it. He is lean, but muscular. He has his left eyebrow and septum pierced, and has a tattoo of the symbol of Taurus on his chest, a circle with large horns. He is mostly often seen with a friendly smile on his face.