Seneca, who prefers to be called Sen, is a 4th Generation Celestial Warrior. She represents Saggitarius and was born November 23rd. She and Leeann are cousins, and best friends. At the time of her arrival to Domus Duodecim, she is 18.


Sen is straight forward, a trait that sometimes annoys other people. She tends to be careless, especially in battle. She is a very strong warrior, though her reckless side can easily be her downfall.  While she appears cold and callous, she is very kind hearted and willing to help those close to her, but she often makes it difficult for people to get close to her in the first place, mostly by being bad tempered and rude; this is mostly facade caused by abuse when she was younger by her close family members.

Her personality is described as a Phlegmatic temperment.


Sen has mid back length, medium brown hair. She wears it swept over her right eye. She has pale skin, and dark hazel eyes. Her body is pudgy from not working out much.