Nidawi is a 5th Generation Celestial Warrior. Her sign is Aquarius, and she was born on the 13th of February. She immediately bonds with Chance on his first arrival to Domus Duodecim. She was 3 when she first arrived at Domus Duodecim, and is 11 at the start of the story.


Nidawi is very open hearted with her emotions, which are often chipper and upbeat. She is optimistic to the max, and it's rare that her mood is brought down. She is very people oriented, greeting all visitors to the Domus Duodecim with a smile on her face. She is more intelligent than she lets on, and often knows more than she is supposed to know. On the flip side, she often ignores or dismisses things she does not like, and refuses to accept bad happenings.

She can be described as having a Sanguine temperment.


Nidawi has a slightly tan complexion, she is pale for her ancestry, which is Native American. She has long dark brown hair that she refuses to cut, because she wants to look like her surrogate parent, Libra, who has long flowing hair. She has a round, happy face, is tall for her age, and still has a bit of baby fat on her body.