Libra is a 1st Generation Celestial Warrior. S/he represents Libra, and chooses not to disclose the day of his/her birth. Libra founded Domus Duodecim after inheriting the land and money from another 1st Generation Celestial Warrior. Libra claims to be from Europe, but never specifies where exactly.


Libra's personality changes from day to day, one day s/he will be Phlegmatic, others Choleric, sometimes Sanguine, but not as often, Meloncholic. His/her temperment is impossible to predict, even to his/her closest friend, Avery and his/herself.


Libra has pale skin, piercing blue eyes, and light green waist length hair. S/he has a androgyneous appearance so it is impossible to determine gender, and Libra claims to not have a gender. S/he will ocassionaly choose to dress as either a man or a woman, but normally chooses to appear gender less.