The Celestial Artifacts are 12 items of great power, once wielded by the gods of old in their wars against evil. Some of the items remain pure, while others have been corrupted by man.

On the uncorrupted side of the Artifacts, we have

The Amora Rose
Mermaid's Tears
Purity Jewel
Roc's Cape
The Aegis Plate

On the neutral side of the Artifacts, we have

Spirit Shroud

On the corrurpted Artifacts side, we have

The Auditore Crystals
Centennial Eye
Mask of Tranqulity
Alva's Horror
The Butcher's Hands

It should be noted that a good person attempting to use a corrupted item, even with pure intent, will become corrupted by the evil in the Artifact. The opposite is also true. The neutral Artifacts do nothing.